There’s a company near San Francisco and Silicon Valley building electric motorcycles. A very small factory growing at a very fast pace as Electric is catching on. This motorcycle will be as quiet as the community it’s made in. The company’s goal is to build electric motorcycles that go fast. That is more than unique in the Two wheeled world. It isn’t just about building electric, it’s about producing a product that can perform the same as gas powered bikes, hitting jumps full speed and having the same traction on muddy tracks.

They are busy testing out the bikes as we speak. Not just on their own tracks, but in real races with sponsored Riders. It’s been an awesome result so far and the best is yet to come. The electric bike does not have a transmission like a normal motorcycle, which gives it instant access to torque, which means fast turns and less stress on beat up tracks. Without the worry of shifting gears, this is going to allow our riders more focus on acceleration and concentration on rough conditions.

track qualifier

Like the electric car, Bikes are going to cost quite a bit more than the normal gas powered ones. The range right now is around $15,000, but you won’t have the gas and oil costs, transmission maintenance and best of all the exhaust. There are a couple other competitors in this field which is good for the market. Competition is always good keeping some from monopolizing the market. Some company’s are going to have an advantage with lighter parts, more battery capacity and several other things. However as the idea progresses and time goes by they will get better and better.

Northern California is mostly known for app and service startups, but also is the home to some electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla. Which have manufacturing plants there. There’s also talk Apple may be coming into the game. The Bay area also known as Silicon Valley is a breeding ground and will continue to be the home of many Large Company’s.

This Bike compared to traditional bikes will have a quite purr compared to the loud rumblings of normal motocross bikes. This may open up a whole new venue of where races can be held as the sound will no longer be an issue. Speaking of noise they will now be able to ride trails without frightening all the wild life, humans walking, horses and any other normal being startled by loud screaming engines. This really is a game changer for not just motocross but all our gas powered machines. It’s good for the environment and bad for the oil company’s. Fortunately we’re in the year 2016 and politics don’t play a part like they used too. Electric is here to stay folks.

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How Can We Help Motorrad Communities Grow


If you wanted to change your community for the better, how would you do it? This is a major question, and it is not one that is easy to find an instant answer to. But it all begins with community awareness an awareness of the people who are living and working all around us. Do you know what is going on in your local community or do you mainly live a self-contained life? It is no surprise that some people live like this, but if we want to improve our communities, it makes sense that we should become a bigger part of them too.

One good way for this to happen is for local businesses to get involved in projects and ideas that can be used to develop a better future for all concerned. Businesses often get involved in corporate philanthropy projects, and there are several reasons for them to do so.

For example and purely on a business level this kind of activity is good for promoting the business itself. If a company can show that it is investing in local projects for the good of the community, it is a wonderful way to develop a good promotional path for the business to follow. People will sit up and be interested in how the business is doing, so they can become more interested in other aspects of the firm as well.

Companies can also give a portion of their profits to a worthwhile cause in the local area. In this way, they are not just generating money for the business and its owners they can make a real difference to the community at large and how people view it. Many companies get involved in corporate philanthropy on a vast and long-term scale as well, and this is another reason why they will benefit from it. It isn’t just a one-off thing.

Of course, community awareness should come from all aspects of the community and not just big businesses. But there is no doubt that businesses can set a very public example that other people can follow. There is no reason why businesses should be the only ones to help their communities. But they can inspire individuals to get involved in various ways and highlight ways in which we can all make a difference.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why we should all think about our local communities in a more in-depth way. The more we understand about where we live and what we can do to make it better, the more pleasant a place it will be to live. This applies to us all.